Bitcoin Stake. It's Bitcoin, but with an alternative scaling solution.


It will be faster, more decentralised, more energy-efficient and more scalable.

It is an alternative to bitcoin legacy that uses delegated proof of stake instead of proof of work as its consensus algorithm.

  • Really Fast
  • Energy Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Self- funding

Bitcoin Stake will be introduced on the by hard forking the bitcoin network.

Producing 660,000 coins/year
For development and research 180,000 coins/year
The coin will be available for purchase after the hard fork on [date]. We do not currently have partnerships with exchanges, but are working towards this.
The blockchain can currently handle around thirty transactions per second. When our next stage of development is complete, it will be able to handle approximately 100,000 transactions per second. Blocks will confirm in around three seconds.
Bitcoin Stake uses a funding model where 30% of the coins produced by inflation are set aside for funding development of the blockchain.
Bitcoin Stake has value for the same reason as bitcoin, that is, for use as a store of value and a decentralised digital currency, among other reasons. We will provide an alternative scaling solution to bitcoin and continually improve our currencies speed, transaction capacity and ease-of-use through research and development. Unlike bitcoin, however, Bitcoin Stake will not rely on volunteers to achieve this.Improvements to the bitcoin blockchain have been incredibly slow, and current and proposed scaling solutions have not been thoroughly tested in the real world. Bitcoin Stake, on the other hand, will use well tested technologies.
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